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Online Questions and Professional Facilitators: E&E Event 2018 in Berlin brought a new meeting format


On June 14 - 15, 2018, GUARANT International organized the first E&E Event. This fresh new platform follows up on the successful Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congresses, where asphalt and bitumen experts meet every 4 years.

The main theme of the first edition of the E&E Event was the preparation of the asphalt industry for the future. The event addressed important strategic issues, including the vision of asphalt industry, tightening economic conditions or new information technologies.

The event was based on an unusual format of series of professionally-facilitated sessions using debates, workshops and information exchanges, supported by online tools that allow the audience to have their own say. The entire program was led by the well-known Brussels-based professional moderator Katrina Sichel.

The event was organized by Eurobitume (European Association of Bitumen Producers) and EAPA (European Asphalt Pavement Association). The E&E Event complemented the already highly successful and well-established E&E Congress and is scheduled to run every four years within the period between the Congresses. This offers an effective platform to continue the important dialogue between key industry stakeholders including managers and road professionals as well as representatives of government, local authorities, contractors, engineers and customers.

The meeting was held at the Andel's by Vienna House Berlin. Participants also attended a networking dinner held in the unique historical industrial architecture of the 100-year-old pumping station Wasserwerk Berlin.

For more information, visit: http://www.eeevent2018.org/.