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The MFC Conference In The Hands Of GUARANT International For The Seventh Time!


From May 24th to 26th, 2017, GUARANT International is organizing the Annual Microfinance Centre (MFC) Conference, (a regular client of GUARANT) for the seventh time! The event is held in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The country venue was chosen because it is considered to have the most dynamic European microfinance sector and because the MFC will celebrate 20 years of the founding of the first microfinance institutions. In recent years, GUARANT International also organized this MFC event in Albania, Georgia, Montenegro, Turkey and twice in the Czech Republic (Prague).

The main motto of the conference is "Horizon 2037: Fair Finance for All.” As every anniversary provides an opportunity for reflection, the conference aims to use this event to imagine how major sector developments over the past two decades will serve us in the next two decades. Individual lectures will discuss how technology is transforming financial systems, disrupting traditional banking, and the foundations of our current social structures – including the role of governments.

As expected, the conference will be complemented with traditional workshops during which participants can learn about the latest news in the field of microfinance and also will have the opportunity to discuss current issues with experts from their field of practice.

For more information, please visit: http:///www.mfc2016.org/