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GUARANT International wins a prestigious event to be hosted in Prague 2021


Prague has won a very important technological event – the IEEE/IROS Conference which focuses on Intelligent Robots and Systems. It is one of the most prestigious global conferences in the field of robotics. Prague has yet to host an event of such importance in this field; therefore, the city is not only hosting medical congresses and conferences, but will also start to focus on high-tech technology.

The conference creates a platform to spread the latest trends and innovations in robotics and intelligent systems. Together with the conference, a vast exhibition of the latest robotics technologies will take place. More than 3000 participants are expected to attend.

GUARANT International and the client worked hard on the idea of bringing this prestigious event to Prague for more than one year. The challenging preparations included creating a bid, finding and getting support for the candidacy, and also the support of the final selection. At the end of this marathon-like process, Prague was invited to Deajon, South Korea to face London in the final round. Prague won mainly because of the world-renowned Czech client, Dr. Přeučil, as well as the country's open visa policy, safety and security – and let’s not forget the astonishing beauty of Prague. Additionally, the conference would not be held in Prague without the great effort of GI business manager Michal Chmel.

Dr. Libor Přeučil (CIIRC – The Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University in Prague) has been appointed the role of the Czech Ambassador and the IEEE/RSJ will be the foreign organizer.

During the Ambassador Awards Evening organized by the Prague Convention Bureau in mid-April 2017, the Czech client Dr. Přeučil won the Candidacy of the Year 2016 award for getting this prestigious conference to Prague in 2021. Congratulations!