Když chcete vědět víc

Association House organized the second meeting for their client, Eurobitume


Association House planned a two and a half day Eurobitume Spring Meeting for 55 participants in Brussels, Belgium during the dates March 7-9, 2017.

Members and guests came from all parts of Europe and America to attend their Annual Spring Meeting. AH handled and managed all of the logistics leading up to the event (from nametags, information emails, programmes, lanyards, hiring a photographer, plaques, certificates, detailed plan for the onsite coordination, cultural tour/dinner set up, meeting set up, coordination amongst all parties involved, etc) as well as all onsite work and team delegation. This is the second event that AH has organized for Eurobitume, and due to its strong success and collaboration, AH will now plan the third meeting in Lisbon, Portugal in October for their Autumn Meeting 2017.

From the words of the Eurobitume Director General, Aimé Xhonneux, he was ‘very satisfied’ at the work done by Association House and the trust we have been able to establish on both sides.

Planning and organizing all aspects and logistics of small to large events abroad is a lot of detailed work, which is why Association House is becoming more experienced in providing these small event services to the societies. It is a great way for members/guests to gain a new perspective by being in a different place as well as allowing them to enjoy a new culture/experience together.

More information about Association House can be found here: http://www.associationhouse.cz/