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3 Questions Posed To Tomáš Raboch


Tomas Raboch is currently working at GUARANT International for his thirteenth year. Beginning as an assistant in the sales department, over the years, his work, experience and enthusiasm advanced him to the position of senior Core PCO sales manager, which he has been operating since 2012. Presently within Core PCO services, Tomas is focusing on obtaining long-term clients and taking care of events abroad.

1. What makes Core PCO services unique?

Our Core PCO services allow clients/international associations to fully utilize the potential of their conferences and to plan for more than one conference period. We usually organize a series of three to five congresses for given international associations. Long-term cooperation is linked with knowledge of the specific requirements of clients and allows us to more effectively organize conferences with tailor-made solutions, regardless of the chosen destination.

2. What are you currently working on?

I am delighted that we recently managed to obtain a large event which is taking place in London in 2018. I personally consider this event to be a springboard for long-term cooperation with this client throughout all of Europe. I am also proud that we managed to defeat two competing PCOs based in London. We were also able to help our client secure the biggest medical event that has ever occurred in Bratislava.

3. How do you relax after work?

Of course, like most, I relax by spending time with my family and putting aside any work issues. I also find that sport works wonders. Nowadays, I do so mostly on bikes. I have always loved bicycles and cycling since my childhood. As a little boy I raced in BMX races and was successful enough to be Prague champion multiple times. If time and family permits, I try to ride two or three times a week, and even at night with good lighting. My favorite terrains are around Točná in the southern outskirts of Prague.