NetApp Partner Academy

Jan 25, 2017
Congress Center Erbia, Prague, Czech Republic
Project Manager: Pavla Kozáková

The 18th Endoscopic day of the ICEM and the 7th Pague endoscopic day

Feb 14, 2017
The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Project Manager: Jasna Zejnilović


The New City Conference Centre

There has been a huge reconstruction for our City Conference Center! We are excited to share it with you.

Annual Scientific Meeting of Specialists in the field of Orthopaedic Anaesthesia in Oxford

The Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Society of Orthopaedic Anaesthetists took place on November 4th 2016, which was held at the Oxford Town Hall in Oxford, England. The event was organized by the British Society of Orthopaedic Anaesthetists (B.S.O.A.), a client of GUARANT International managed by the Association House.


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